Zambia #3 "Tamara the Super Plasterer!"

Tamara the Super Plasterer!

hee hee, not really.
Hello Everyone,
We received our assignments and both of us work on the plastering crew. This was not a sure thing as a few of the wives of the tradesman have been put in different departments like the kitchen or housekeeping. It would not have  mattered to me, but I am glad to be with Christopher alot of the time. :)
I thought I would only be working as a go-for, tending, clean-up person. But the first day I was put on floating, for those that don’t know (like me a few days ago 😉 floating is part of the finish work on the wall. You take a tool shaped like a trowel but made of wood and you rub it on the wall with some pressure to smooth out all the bumps. It can be hard work if the wall is too dry, which many times it got that way because I am slow. :) Even with using some of the tools of plastering I was sure I could never actually spread. ( apply the plaster to the wall) I have been around plastering my whole life having a dad that does it, and I have never even tried to ‘do’ it. Yesterday I scratched a wall! (applied the first coat of plaster to the wall). The scratch coat does not need to be perfect or pretty, so they let just about anyone do it. 😉 It was very fun though, like frosting a huge cake all day.
I am enjoying the work and the privilege we have been given.


The Zambians are very nice a friendly.

One of the young men I was working with named Martin asks me questions about what things mean in America and what things are and such.

He was a little concerned about one word. He asked me what does Gromit mean? He had to spell it out on the mud board to make sure I understood his accent. :)
I kinda laughed a little and told him that it meant two things kinda. Then proceeded to tell him about Wallace and Gromit. And that those are some of my favorite movies.
I even have a stuffed Gromit. He said ‘Oh so Gromit is the name of dog.’
He had a neck tie with Wallace and Gromit and it said “More cheese Gromit” and people asked him what Gromit meant and he didnt know. So they were telling him he shouldn’t wear it cause it could mean something bad. I told him I didn’t think anyone could be offended by Wallace and Gromit. And that we had the movies with us if he wanted to come over and watch them. He said he would very much like that, so he came over the next night and watched the first one. :)
That is all from me today.
Hope all are doing well. Feel free to write anytime, letters from home are a great encouragement!



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  1. #1 by Jeannie on March 6, 2011 - 3:06 am

    I never heard of that movie. Must be funny. Must watch it some time. Like your native dress and Chris’ neck tie. You match!!

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