Zambia #5 "Mulishani"

Mulishani….means Greetings friend in Chibemba

Thanks for writing us. It is so nice to get letters from the people you love when your away and in a foreign place. Hope all is well with you guys ( as much as can be ) and that your joy of serving Jehovah is stronger and healthier than our bodies. We are doing good, still getting used to the schedule. Little time is left for much else other than spiritual things and work..but that is a good thing. Feels like we are at the start of the New World. The entire family is working together, resources are limited and the focus of everything we do is directed toward the advancement of Jehovah name and his Kingdom. What a great time. Physically we are near our limit but that could be because of the altitude.

The work is quite different than back in the states. The tools are poor quality, the materials are of even lower quality but we are only around IV’s and Bethelites and everything we do is for Jehovah, which makes it a joy.

Tonight, I played ping pong with another IV brother from the UK and then we walked out into the soccer field behind the Bethel buildings. We watched the sun set over the zebras and gazelles.


Last Sunday, Tamara and I walked home from the Kingdom hall, about six kilometers, and preached on the way back. I was able to start a bible study and we talked and reasoned from the Bible with almost everyone we met. At one house we stopped and read a chapter out of the My Book of Bible stories to a bunch of children that were eating lunch. This is a picture of the Brother that was with us.


Also here is a picture of Tamara. (equal opportunity photos)


After going in service we can understand why the Society is putting so much money and effort to expand the translation offices here in Zambia. The Zambian people in general have a great love for the Bible and are able to see the need to worship God in the way he wants. The problem now is that there is minimal Bible and Bible-based literature in their native language. Even the English literature is hard to come by, there are no Reasoning books/ song books/Require brochure in the country. South Africa branch ships them up in large semi-trucks but they are gone in just a few hours. The Zambia translation offices are still working on the Bible for the main native language, cheBemba, here in Zambia. We are learning a few words.


The Kingdom halls are simple, have tin roofs and most have wood benches with backs. When there is electricity the simple sound systems work great even when the building is packed out. On the day I took this photo we had 168 in attendance. This is a picture of the kingdom hall closest to the Bethel. Starting Thursday we will be going to a new hall 35 minute drive away. A couple that have been here a long time invited us to go with them.

Our cloths are getting thinner and thinner as the laundry uses lye and other harsh chemicals to wash our cloths…plus the heavy lime from the plaster. Soon we will need to head into town and buy a few more shirts and such. In fact, on Saturday Tamara, a Bethelite we work with and I will take the local bus into town. We plan to preach on the way and try to find the local markets and interesting places around the capital city, Lusaka. I guess not many foreigners do that kinda thing around here.

One thing encouraging I would like to share with you before I head out.

In 1992, there were 365,828 who attended the Lord’s Evening Meal in Zambia, 1 in every 23 of the population!
Well, need to study for meeting and hit the sack.

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