Zambia #7 "Crackle and Pop"

Crackle and Pop

Hey Guys,
We cant believe we have been here for a month already. In quite a few ways we are just starting to get used to the Bethel life.

It sure does keep us busy. Then when you get a day off you cant wait to go do something. Then you get back late and hit the bed, then……

Lately we have been having a few power outages, so how they are usually timed during the meeting.
The study that I have with a young man has not shown up for a while but I just study with who ever is at the tree we were to meet at. Kinda strange how easy you can start a study here. One of our D-Block IV’s started 3 in under 40 minutes.

Well the famous “Rains” have finally come to our area of Zambia. The weather will be sunny and within a few minutes a extremely strong wind will come up from a random direction and thunder and lighting then huge rain falls for 2-5 hours. Then after the rain is done the heat starts up again. Kinda strange. We have had a few of our plaster walls wash off. Soon we might have to move inside the building to plaster inside for a while. Here is a picture of some lighting I caught.


Here is a picture of most of the crew working on the building. Tamara and I are in the center far back.

construction crew

Here is half of the Plaster crew. We have grown quite close to those that we work with. From left to right the names are….
David (super Dave) Martin, Tamara, Prudence, Cephus.


Sorry I don’t have more to write right now

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