Zambia #9 "Tamara Means We're finished"

Tamara = “We’re finished”

Hiya all,
I have found out my name is quite common in Africa. When you introduce yourself here you always get a smile, the people are just friendly by nature. But when I say my name they usually give me a little quirky smile .
Most will ask me with a little giggle, “Do you know what Tamara means in Zambia?” By the 10th time or so I decided to let them have the fun of telling me again. 😉

Tamara means “We’re finished”, in Chichewa and another language I don’t know how to spell. :)
So I asked them to explain the meaning a bit more.

Families here still have many children, 8 children is not at all uncommon and some families have up to15.
So when a mother has decided that she wants this child to be the last she names her Tamara. So they are finished. ha ha

It doesn’t always work though. :)

They laugh when I tell them I am the firstborn.

Hope all are doing well back in the States. We miss you.


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