Verizon has a sharing attitude.

I have a few friends that are sensitive to conspiracy theories. FEMA camps, chem-trails, government spying are not far from their minds or conversations.

What I have noticed is that all of us (including those mentioned above) have a blind spot when it comes to admitted conspiracies and obvious spying by companies that provide a modicum of services to us.

This came to mind when I read about the change of service terms for Verizon Wireless (link here) that proudly informs Verizon customers that they have 30 days to alter some settings on their online account. If customers don’t change anything, Verizon will provide; Age, Sex, website visits, interests and physical location to third party vendors. (T-mobile and AT&T do the same thing but make it harder to change the default settings. )

The privacy policy comes as a default setting on Verizon phones. Customers that want out of the commercial spying have to go to Verizon’s privacy center. Once there, users have to sign into their accounts and after reading the new policy and given the option, they must choose for their information not to used for commercial marketing purposes.

Does it really matter…..? Likely not.
Does Verizon need to collect, archive, share my data to make MORE money off me? Likely not.
Did I change the default privacy settings. Ya!

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