Zambia #10 "pass the flashlight….I got a talk"

“pass the flashlight….I got a talk”

Howdy Guys,

We have had a good week, been busy. On Sunday in service I got another Study. This one seemed to be really struggling to get past the things that he was taught in Church but have no backing from the Bible. We could have studied all day but the rain clouds were coming in and we still had a few miles to walk back to the Branch. He promised to meet me at the Kingdom Hall on this up coming Sunday. I really wish I could have giving him a Require Bro. but the Branch have been out of them ( and Bibles) for many months now. When a shipment comes in they are quickly snapped up. So I could not give him mine. I got mine from a new IV from the States. I really wish I could find a Bible to give this Study but with so many interested ones it is hard to ship enough up from South Africa where everything is printed.

The year end numbers just came out and Zambia has a ratio of one witness to 93 people in the country. The current President of the country campaigned saying he was a JW, which he is not. His wife is studding though. One encouraging number is that during the last Memorial of Jesus’ death, 1 person out of every 17 in the country attended.

Tamara was a last minute householder for a talk on Thursday, the funny thing was that there was no electricity so she had to use a small flashlight and a candle.


During a question and answer part the Brother giving the talk just had to change it into a talk form. Was really neat to listen to 175 African Brothers and Sisters sing the Kingdom songs with no music. It felt like the roof would lift off with the effort they put into their singing. I even got some audio of them singing!
Many around us are getting Malaria with most recovering in a week or two. I really hope that we can avoid it but our temporary housing is not bug tight to say the least. The Branch has a extremely good medical center and all Bethelites are covered under a medical thing that will pay for anything needed medically, ambulance to the best hospital in Lusaka, Helicopter to S. Africa, ect….I didn’t know that the Branch provided that, makes me feel much happier, considering we cant afford basic health insurance back home!

So, just what are Tamara and I doing here in Zambia? The large 4 story building is made up of hand produced blocks. The blocks are very rough and the walls are not very straight. That’s where we come in. With a level we set wood strips in the wall with built up plaster. Then we fill in the wall with plaster deep enough to fill in the low parts but deep enough to cover the high blocks. We try to make the plaster as even as possible as the walls will be painted. After the walls have dried a bit we take a wood trowel and rub it on the wall to level any small bumps in the plaster. Then we take a long metal trowel and slick the wall until it is so smooth that is as flat as a mirror. Believe it or not…it can be done. The hard part is there are many rocks and bugs in the sand used to it takes a bit of work. We have just finished the third floor of the building and have moved up to the fourth. Tamara and I have been working mostly on the outside of the building but during the many thunder and rain storms we move inside with the interior crew.


We really enjoy working with the local Brother and Sisters (yes there are a few Sisters on the Plastering crew other than Tamara) Most of the Brothers are in their mid to high twenties and have been on this project from the beginning. They are very humble, ready to laugh and willing to work. Here is a picture of two Brothers we work with. David never has anything other than a smile on his face and Levie has to be one of the humblest Brothers I have ever met. He is a overseer of the inside plaster crew. We have Levie over to our room often and each week we have study projects that we work on and talk about during our work. Last week it was whether fish and insects are souls, this week it is whether those baptized by John the Baptist had to be re-baptized as Christians.


Tamara is having a few Chitangas made. That is the local dress things that the sisters wear to meetings. We went to town and bought the material for 6000-12,000 Kwacha and took it to a seamstress. We will try to pick them up this coming weekend. Here is a snap of what they look like.


We sure do miss our congregation, family and friends. We find we look over our pictures from home and that makes us feel better.

We love you guys!

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