Zambia #11 "Marburg is a city in what country?"

Marburg is a city in what country?

Howdy guys,

When England gave up on the idea of keeping Zambia under its thumb, they kinda were not nice and took back allot of its infrastructure, resources and technology as they left. This has caused the Zambian government to, even still, limit their exposure to most Western nations. One of the ways that this has affected us is that after 30 days of being in the country, we were asked to leave by the Government. The Brothers here were ready for the expiration of our visa and applied in our behalf for a 60 day visa extension. We were asked for our passports, a hand written request and explanation of what we were doing in Zambia, new photos and other assorted paperwork. Then a committee at one of the government offices assembled and discussed whether Tamara and I should stay in their country. As long as we were “training” and not “working” we could stay…..along with $200 per person visa application fee. Then a few weeks later we had to dress up and go to the government office so they could see us and sign papers and stuff. When we got there they had lost our passports and paperwork and so asked us to return later in the day. As I walked out of the office on ripped up carpets, passing office furniture that was original to the building 65 years ago, looking at hot wired electric lights … I see the computer/file department where our passports might or might not be. The entire immigration department for Zambia has one digital clock and stacks of papers sitting on desks, the floor and on shelf’s. There is not one computer in the whole building. Later that day they did find our paper work and after the Brother from the Legal department of Bethel paid the visa application fee, we received our Visa to remain in Zambia until Feb 18th. At that time we absolutely have to leave Zambia for one year.

The reason that I told you that is that we were waiting for some friends here to go through the same process successfully (they can and have said “no” and deport you) so we could go on a vacation to Victoria falls. They finally got their visas and we are set to leave tomorrow (Friday).

Our trip will consist of driving to Livingstone and checking into a campground there for 3 nights. We will go on a boat safari in the Zambezi river, a visit and explore around Victoria Falls one of the largest falls in the world.

Also we will cross the Botswana border and visit the Chobe National Park to do some Safari fun. The trip was almost canceled because an Angolan trader died at Livingstone with Ebola like symptoms. ( I was not going to say anything about this but it is in the news and don’t want you to think we are oblivious about it) but it was confirmed by UN health officials that it was not Ebola or Ebola like virus….so…the trip is still on. We leave at 6 am tomorrow to return on Monday night, we are very excited.

Last weekend we took local buses to a Croc farm outside the city. We traveled there with another couple to see the animals that they “farm” there. They make belts, shoes, jackets and hamburgers out of Nile Crocs that they grow there.

These are only 5 years old, the age that they like to farm them at. They did have one that was over 65 years old that looked like a small truck, wow he was big. The trip to the croc farm was an experience in its self as we rode a total of 8 buses crammed packed with the local Zambia people. Here is a snap of Tamara and our friend Corrina ( a Scottish sister here with her plastering husband, Mike) on the bus. And yes I had a Croc burger…tasted like fishy chicken….not recommended.

Don’t they look like sisters?



I don’t want to gross you guys out since the food here is really very good but here is a picture of some of the typical local food.


The center white stuff is nshima the staple of almost every meal. It is made out of corn and tastes like air but feels like play-dough.

On a sad note a Bethelite friend in our Congregation got sick on Monday and died today of probably Malaria. He was only 24. His non-believing family traveled to the Branch to apologize for him dieing. Not much to say about that.

We are in good health and surrounded by great people, so don’t worry about us. After all you guys in the States have Mad Cow!

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