Colombia #10 "We here are Other Fruits."


I had a bit of time after our Sunday meeting, so I wanted to send a small email and let you know what we are up too. The Plastering is going nicely, a few more Brothers from England, America and Canada have shown up to help so we are on schedule. The weather is really starting to act strange. As in, the sun will shine but then in only one hour it could be a torrential downpour. Tamara is still working as a Housekeeper but every once and a while and on every other Saturday she works in the kitchen or shipping. She likes the change of pace.

On a recent “walk-around-the-town-cause-we-are-going-stir-crazy” trip Tamara was able to preach to a Army guy. They are not normally very nice to Witnesses…but then again they are not used to blond Witnesses.


Many of the International Volunteers that have come to work have left or are leaving. It is so hard to make such good friends only to watch them leave. Most come for 4-6 weeks, some 3 months and one or two for 6 months. We try to have a Friday going away party but there are so many that leave it is hard to do it every week. Of the picture here (that was taken a month ago) 75% have gone home. Some take vacation time from their jobs, others quit their jobs. Some saved for months, others rely on Family to get here…All are really wonderful people that Tamara and I are fortunate to get to know.


After our Memorial, Tamara’s study and family came up to our room to visit. They attended the Spanish Memorial and enjoyed it very much. We had 76 at the English Memorial and Brother Brown, the Branch Overseer gave the talk. At one point he read this scripture;

(1 Corinthians 15:20) 20 However, now Christ has been raised up from the dead, the first fruits of those who have fallen asleep [in death].

After that he talked about those that will be Kings and Priests …then talked about the “Other Fruits” which was most of us. You know it is a good day when a Branch Overseer calls you an “Other Fruit”.


Many have written and asked how they can help the Pisco, Peru Congregation that was in my last email. We received three requests from Brothers and Sisters that wanted travel with Tamara and I down to Peru, to help in the construction work. Yet, we are unable to take anyone with us down there, mostly because of third world travel logistics and timing issues.

After talking to the Missionaries (James & Leslie Kaminsk, Graduated Gilead Sept 2002, from Canada) who are assigned to that area, James gave me some suggestions and a list of things that they really need. Most of the list is labor intensive projects that require mostly bags of cement or brick. Here is the list he sent me;

Pour concrete floor: $750
Install ceramic tile: $1200
buy 200 folding metal chairs: $2300
Build perimeter wall for security: $1700
Build facade to improve look of KH from the street: $350

As you can see the projects are not small yet all are basics that we take for granted. James told me that they know that their Kingdom Hall, like most Kingdom Halls in poor lands, will take many years to complete. But they are focused as you could tell by his letter. I am still laughing about the “Fish-a-thons weekends! If you missed that email you can find it at our site;

There were a few tools that they needed for the upcoming projects but I was able to get most of the here in Colombia. James suggested that for those that still wanted to assist the Pisco Congregation, they could put a monetary donation into a sealed envelope (Wrapped in paper, if you mail it, so no one can see that money is inside), with a picture of your family and your mailing address (for a Thank-You card). My Parents will deliver the envelopes to Tamara and I and in turn we will take them down to Pisco when we head there to visit/work. I will do my best to document and share with you our time and work in the Pisco area and show you how your donations were used.

James wanted me to thank those that desire to help Brothers and Sisters that they have never seen.

Christian Love,

Christopher and Tamara Hudson

Colombia Adventure part 11

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