Colombia #12 "She is our Little Job."


Welcome to the twelfth and final Colombian WeGoWest Newsletter.

We would first off, like to thank Jehovah for allowing us to share in this and all forms of service to him.

Second, we want to thank you for letting us share our Colombian experiences with you. The past five months have moved by so fast, that sharing them with you, has somehow made the time and experiences more real.

Third, we would like to deeply thank those that supported and encouraged us during our short stint as Bethelites. Without the support we literally could not have gotten here and without the encouragement we would have failed in our efforts. To be honest, there were a few times that we both became discouraged or lost our perspective and would think of how we could have used the past five months to create some veneer of financial stability or enjoy some meaningless comforts that we miss. Yet a well timed email or phone call from you, would set us back on track with the knowledge that we all are doing all things for God’s glory. (1 Cor. 10:31) Please if given the opportunity, please encourage others that are sharing in full-time service.

Colombia is such a wonderful area of the world. The friends here are warm and generous, always willing to expend themselves to help others and Jehovah. They usually have a joke or experience to share and a desire to visit with those that are from another area of the world. We have made so many friends and experienced so many things that it is hard to pick just a few to share with you.

One experience is of a Brother here that has been teaching me Spanish for 4 months. Only a few days ago, he told me of growing up in a poor area of Colombia. Of being constantly under threat of the Guerrillas and of his first job working in the Cocaine fields of his Cousin. The power that the Rebels and Guerrillas have on most of this Country is amazing to say the least. Then later he left the area and joined the Military. In the Army, he fought the Rebels in the Highlands and Jungles. He said that after a few years, the endless circle of violence and drug money started to “crush his heart” and so he left the Army and started to study the Bible. When contacted by Jehovah’s Witnesses he immediately saw that they actually used the Bible and that they had the Truth. Now he is on his 4 year of Bethel service and teaching me Spanish on Tuesday nights.

Another experience is of a single Mother in our Congregation. Her husband was a drug addict and used to beat her and he children. The Children are plagued with health and learning disabilities from poor diets when they were younger. The Sister has dealt with situations and violence that could not write here but her faith and determination has kept her close to Jehovah and his Organization despite anything that Satan can throw at her. One elder that I talked to called her their “little Job”. She is always at the meetings with her Children and share their love of Jehovah with all those they can.

Well, Tamara and I are packing to leave and so I must keep this short. Yet, take a look at some of the memories that Tamara and I will think of when we remember our time working at the Colombia Bethel.










We leave the Colombian Bethel on Friday and travel to Peru. The first of June we will be heading down the coast to work on a Kingdom Hall in the small town of Pisco. Since we will be traveling mostly by bus and trains we had to pack very light. Even so, we were able to pack all the donations and tools we need for helping on the Pisco Kingdom Hall building project. We hope to be able to write back and share some experiences and pictures from Peru.

We will greatly miss our local friends and the work here in Bethel but excited to see what opportunities Jehovah will make available to us, whether it be at home or abroad.

Matt 24:14 says “This good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations; and then the end will come.” There are are so few of Jesus’ disciples on earth, compared to the billions on the earth, yet we can be sure that Jehovah’s hand is not short. He has the ability to have the Kingdom good news preached in ALL the inhabited earth with or without us. It is our wish that during the past 12 issues of our Newsletter, that you have gotten a small taste of what it is like to be a International Volunteer, just one of the many ways we can show Jehovah that we want to be used by him.


See you next adventure!

Christopher and Tamara

Colombia Adventure part 13

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