Colombia/Peru #13 "They will take the sand."

Tamara and I just wanted to let you know how our Colombian Bethel adventure ended, so if you can bear one more episode please read on.

As you may or may not remember we left the Colombia Bethel after our assignment and traveled to Peru. My Parents met us there and we took a week or two to rest up and explore the city of Cusco. Cusco is a great place with lots of history (being the oldest continuously inhabited city in the Americas) and exotic sights. One of the many ruins we visited was the “lost city” of Machu Pichu. The trip required 6 hours by train then lots of hiking but the views were worth the efforts.



After our vacation with my Parents, Tamara and I traveled along the coast of Peru to the small town of Pisco. This is where our Friends James and Leslie were assigned as Missionaries. The town is very poor and many make a minimal living off of fishing in the ocean. Not only were we warmly invited to stay with some local Brothers but they had a party for us… complete with music, dancing, sweets and party tricks.

Pisco is in a very poor area of Peru. The unemployment rate is well into the 50%. Many home are made of weaved grass mats arranged to be walls, floors and the ceiling. This only works because it never rains there. That part of Peru is one of the driest places on earth.


We came to this area to help our Missionary friends with their Congregation’s Hall construction project. It has been in construction for many years and will be for many many more. The reason is that the work is taking so long is that the Peru Branch is focused on building Kingdom Halls for areas that have 3-5 Congregations that don’t have a building to meet in. So in a way, the Pisco Congregation is very fortunate to not have to travel many miles (none have cars) to find a place to meet in.

The building that they meet in is slowly taking shape. You might remember James’ email that showed the Brothers demolishing the old stage with large rocks, well the new stage looked great. They have yet to get a floor but the cost on that will be $1500 US or more, so it might be a while.

My parents were able to bring some donations from the Oregon and Washington area for the Pisco Congregation. The total was a bit over $600, which amazed the Brothers and Sisters. Many expressed their thanks and love in tears, notes and giant smiles. (They should be sending “Thank You” notes very soon.) We used $325 of the money to buy the materials needed to work on the a large outside wall. The cement, sand and lime were all delivered by bicycle from the nearest construction yard


During the next 11 days, a few Brothers, Tamara and I worked on resurfacing the wall. It was extremely uneven and needed some repairs even before we could coat it with a new surface. What a change from working at a Bethel!





Here is a quick before and after.



When the wall was smooth, they wanted some texture put on the wall. You will notice that some of the windows are not quite finished in this picture.


The meetings are extremely warm, not the weather but in the love shown by the Brothers and Sisters. Here are a few pictures of the Kingdom hall and of the home we used for Bookstudy.


Meetings for Bookstudy was always funny. The family only had one 35 watt light bulb for the entire room, so every week another Brother brings two light bulbs so they have enough light for the meeting. After the Bookstudy, the Brother takes his light bulbs home so he can have light in his home. This picture is of a party we had after Bookstudy, someone brought a thing of Inca-Cola and someone else brought some apple pie. The Sister next to Tamara is our Missionary friend Leslie.

Service is always the highlight of any International assignment or trip, I am sure you agree. Because only one or two brothers own a car everything is done by foot or sometimes they rent a van-taxi to take them out of the city to the “really poor areas”.

Here are a few shots from Field Service.




Sorry this newsletter is so short but we are home now and are busy trying to find a place to live and work…ect. We are looking forward to what-ever Jehovah has in store for us.

Well, I just wanted to share the last part of our trip with you and hope you found it as encouraging as Tamara and I did. If we ever get to Peru again we hope to return to Pisco and visit our friends there. If not, we will see them in the New System…and hopefully we will be speaking the same language!

Christopher and Tamara Hudson


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    Beautiful to hear of your Colombian adventure and your trust in Jehovah. Just received our 2nd IV assignment. We will be there (Bogota branch) the whole summer and wondered if you could share anything about the weather so we can get a better idea what to pack. Thank You Kindly.

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