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Zambia Eight Years Later

Our first International Volunteer assignment was to Zambia in 2003.  We had made many friends, enjoyed our time and allowed our minds and hearts to be affected by the experience. The 3 months in the Zambia Branch and the 5 weeks afterward exploring Africa (Malawi, Tanzania, Botswana and South Africa) helped us to focus our lives to what we really wanted to do.

You can read about some of our experiences HERE

I recently received some links to some other young couples and their time working at the Zambia Bethel.

Here are the links for you to enjoy.

Is that a Python?

Lester and Leah in Zambia



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Inflation Adjusted Housing

There is a great article about how the true cost of buying a home in the USA right now. It also goes into how people intrinsically don’t understand compound inflation. ($5 today has the same value as$5 , ten years ago….right?)

The part that caught my attention was the inflation adjusted home prices graph.

The pressure that was put on people to buy into the idea that home ownership is a  financial smart step has started to wane for the past few years, yet it is making a comeback. I think the Boomers are getting nervous about how to ditch their homes…

Next time someone tells you how they struck it rich by buying a home in the past 10 years, ask them about how much (inflation adjusted mind you) they paid in taxes, maintenance, insurance, fees and upgrades to their home…all on top of the interest and principle. I bet you find that they were lucky to break even at best.

Link to the article here.

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Domain ideas

To help my Wife’s Sock Monkey company, I picked up a few domains over the past 5 years or so. I sure am glad that I did, because in the past year or so, the Sock Monkey thing has become huge!

I picked up and put placeholder pages on;

So, my idea was not to so much make companies for each of the domains but to keep them from other companies that would (and did) startup after

If you have some ideas what to do with the domains, let me know.


Here is a snap of Tamara’s Company;

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System Helper-Outer

Often the best program to help solve an issue, is the simplest. This is the case with most of the system utilities that are in all Windows installs. Commands like “ipconfig” or renewing your network address are all easily found inside your friendly DOS prompt.

The idea behind this cool tool is to collect all those system helper-outer programs and have them accessible with the push of a button. This is great if you have  part time tech helping you out, Wife or family member learning nerd or working on remote systems.

The program name is “Matt’s System Helper-Outer”.

It gathers all the commands that a tech commonly uses and pulls them out from behind the deep system panels. The best way to explain how great this program is to show you a snap;

system helper

The program runs under Win 2k and above (XP, V, 7) but might require a “run as admin” for the last two.

If you are lost right now about why you would want this program, you don’t need it. Having said that, your computer tech will love you for sending him this post.

You can download the free tool HERE.

Let me know if you have a tool that you like.

PS> this has “traceroute” right on it, so you can see if your blog comment/emails are really from who they say they are!

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Colombia Bethel

Back a few years ago, Tamara and I were assigned to the Colombia Bethel to help with some construction. We had an enjoyable 5 months and got to work and become friends with Brothers from a dozen countries.

We just received some snaps of the completed project and I wanted to share them with you.

You can about our experiences here

colombia project 1

colombia project-3

colombia project4

colombia project2

colombia project

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