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Tarifa, Spain

Tarifa, Spain –

A nauseating four hour bus ride took us from Malaga to the tourist town of Tarifa, famous for world class windsurfing. German, Australian and British youth spend months on end living on the beach, staying in vans and tents, just so that they can kite-surf and windsurfing. The vans come into town once or twice a week to load up on beer and to repair their equipment, then they head back to the beaches. It is the second best place in the world (after the Columbia Gorge) to windsurf. We never made it to the beach but I heard it is something to experience….just not our type of experience. We also would not go to ever popular bull fights, but it is interesting to know what different people/cultures enjoy.

Tarifa Spain (5) (Custom)

The old part of town is a ancient white washed walled city, built around 1290AD and it was our goal to find a small room somewhere in walled city to spend the night. Unfortunately, there was a festival and it took us a few hours to find one of the last rooms in the Medina (Old City).

Tarifa Spain (1) (Custom)

The Inn’s keeper lead us up a tiny spiraling stair case, deeper and deeper in the hodgepodge building. Round and round until we pop out onto the roof, where our small room overlooked the other rooftops. Well, Tamara popped out onto the roof, I had a sudden and urgent desire to lay down. It really seemed important that I lay down right there and then but  while I was trying to do this, I noticed that my hand was on my head, checking the factory seal. I apparently, knocked my head hard enough to stun me.

Tarifa Spain (4) (Custom)

Once we rested up, we explored the city, wandering around the spiraling paths and road ways deep into the beautiful city. Some of the roads were just big enough for a car to pass and we watched a wide-eyed tourist foolishly snake his car off to some dead-end somewhere….never to be seen again.

Tarifa Spain (3) (Custom)

Eventually, we ended our walk on the coastal defensive wall, overlooking Africa! Just a short ferry ride away was Morocco and the next leg to our adventure. Tarifa has the distinction as the most southern part of Europe. It felt strange to look across a body of water and see another continent….let alone Africa!

Back in the town center, the festival was just warming up. Sharply dressed horse riders toured the streets with elegant prancing horses at attention. The colorful local population were starting to crowd the cafes, singing and playing guitars. We dined on spicy red tuna, pork cooked in onions and shrimp (complete with heads and legs).

Tarifa Spain (6) (Custom)

Below is a snap of our breakfast that we gobbled down late the next day before we rushed off catch the ferry to Tangier, Morocco.

Tarifa Spain (2) (Custom)

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6 Months at GSB

It seemed like a long time but it has finally come to an end. I took a six month contract to sys-admin the Portland office of a high end law firm, Garvey, Schubert and Barer.

The work was challenging at times but mostly focused on helping the Attorneys by making sure they had the computer/electronic tools needed to get done what they needed to get done. Sometimes it was hardware, often software but always customer based, which included training.

Initially, I was intimidated to step into an office with a number of unknown systems (document management, meta data scanners, email based voice mail and others) but the systems we well thought out and I had a great support from the head office in Seattle.

Here is where I spent the last 6 months.

GSB Desk

It was more than worth it….and we get to go on vacation!

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Muse closes for Silver Sun Pickups

We recently went to a great concert. It reminded me of the “arena rock” in the 90’s. The bands were good but the light show was better. Below are a few snaps and maybe a sound clip.

IMG_1682 [800x600] IMG_1688 [800x600]

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