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Verona, Italy

What does Shakespeare and Da’ Vinci have in common?

Verona, the setting for Romeo and Juliet.

Verona is a small northern Italian city between Venice and Milan that we wanted to visit. We had so much fun exploring that I didn’t keep any notes… you only get pictures.

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Venice, Italy


There are so many overly hyped locations in the world. An example for me is Big Ben or most Caribbean islands. Venice is not one of them. Everything you heard about Venice is true and depending on when you go you can only experience the good stuff.

Our train left Slovenia at 2AM. The cold morning air kept us awake as we walked from our Hostel toward the train station. The roads were so quite and the sidewalk so deserted that at times we walked in the street to avoid any shadows and alleyways.

The Venice express, originally starting in Budapest was on it’s last leg. The green glow of the lights illuminated a few tourists sprawled out across their luggage. A few unshaven Eastern European men in thin leather jackets seemingly feed on cigarettes and leer at anything resembling a Female of the species.

Flash forward 6 hours and we arrived at the central train station of Venice, just as the sun was rising. It was such an amazing place that I stopped taking notes and so only have photos to show.

Sorry…but you’ll understand once you get there.

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