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Paypal Email Crashes Outlook

A few days ago my Outlook 2007 would lockup once and a while. Thinking it was a PST issue, I rebuilt it, move to a backup computer but the issue continued.

After many hours of research and I was able to identify the issue and a solution. Google didnt have anything on the issue so I wanted to share it. —UPDATE- There is a bit of data on the Paypal forum now–

If Outlook, Incredimail or other email client crashes when you try to open or preview a Paypal email, (issue started 10-12-2011) the problem is the tracking pixel inserted into the HTML email. You can view these emails in text format or put a entry in your HOSTS file to avoid having Paypal track your email.

HOST File Fix for Paypal Crashing Outlook;

  • Run Notepad.exe as an administrator
  • Open the file HOSTS at this location – C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
  • Add the line below to the end of the file
  • (just copy and paste it as the one of the zeros is actually a “O”)
  • Save the file
  • Enjoy a crash free Outlook experience for now

Paypal has a history of rolling out half backed solutions and taking months to resolve the issues caused. I expect this to be a irritating issue for many people and that it takes months to resolve.


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Outlook in the open

Microsoft Outlook has long been the de facto standard for company email clients. Yes, there are many other email clients (Thunderbird, Outlook Express, whatever Apple uses), but Outlook is what is used most and some say most complete.

The downside of M$ Outlook is the locked nature of the file type, .PST. Some have called this a “barrier to exit”.

Just recently, Microsoft has announced that it has opened up the spec. Google will soon allow (already available for Google Apps users) import/export of PST. ( link here)

Thunderbird is looking for a plugin for the PST.

Great news for anyone using Outlook. It also takes Google Apps/gmail one step closer to becoming the new de facto email solution.

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