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Should I Change My Password?

Should I change my password?

If you have asked yourself this question, you are ahead of the curve. Many people think of a password like a key that you make and keep forever. The only issue is, if we are talking a key (email or account password) then the lock is available to everyone in the world. This is why you have to have a good password.

The real bummer is that even if you create and safely store a password, other people (ie; Sony, PBS,, Gawker, and others) may have had their databases hacked and have shared your password (with them ) with hackers.

These hacks are talked about all the time in the news and lately, I find myself tuning them out. That was before I found this website;

When I ran one of my old email addresses, I found that Lifehacker, back in December had their databases hacked. If I had used the same password on any other accounts…the hackers would now have a copy of my key.

Rule; 1 – Dont use the same password for any account. If you want to know why….reread the above post.

If you are wondering how long your password should be….reread this post HERE.

More Data— If you are wondering how this website knows that my email and password (used with the company that was hacked) had been exposed; These databases are hacked, sold, shared and eventually make their way on to the internet for free. This website checks your email address with these lists.



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