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Windows Update fix – Fake Anti-Virus

A client of mine got one of the very common Fake Anti-Virus trojans. You know the one, where a pop up box, that looks like a Windows security window, frightens you with all these virus and privacy alerts. These fake AV malware are called “Extortion-ware” as they want you to pay to remove the newly discovered virus’. Not that paying will do anything but cause you identity and credit card issues in the future.


If you have ever tried to fight one of these trojans you know that if you are successful, the virus uses an exit strategy of breaking parts of Windows on it’s way out. This is what happened to us.

The error we had after we removed the virus was that Windows Update could not be activated. After using my google-fu for 30 minutes I called Bobby from, as he is a pro at fighting virus.

Here are the solutions that worked for us.

This fix from MS seemed to do a thorough job of reactivating numerous .dll . This one worked for our problem.

Here is another fix for Error number: 0×80070424

Quick tip on how not to get this increasingly common virus. Dont click any link in an email and get NoScript for Firefox.


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A common issue with well used computers is virus and malware. One of the best tools out there now is the almost mythic MalwareBytes. This free tool does an amazing job at finding many of the threats on a computer. Having said that, after a full on infection of any Windows computer, you can never trust that OS install again. A Windows virus can hide, go stealth or drop seeds for later infections. Most malware writers are becoming better at writing their code so that we may never know that the password to our bank account was just captured and transmitted to a Moldova programmer. There is a another option for scanning your machine to a deeper level but not having to rebuild your OS. I call this solution “Out of OS scanning”.

Out of OS tools are tools you can use right from bootup, outside of Windows. With these tools you can scan for virus/malware, work on disk sizes/partitions and even boot up a Windows install, all from the safety of your USB memory stick. Many techno monkeys have bootable ISO (linux) disks that help them repair OS’s but you cant always have a stack of CDs with you. This brings us to SARDU.

SARDU is an open source tool that easily allows you to create a multi boot tool with many many ISO images…ready to boot…from your USB Memory stick. This include some of the best anti-virus tools available, since you an never trust just one AV. The great thing about using a USB memory stick is that updates stay on your stick and wont have to be downloaded again!


I will document the steps I used to create this Swiss-Army-Knife USB tool;

  • Visit this link and download the SARDU Fix Multilanguage.rar file
  • Extract SARDU into a named folder and run the exe
  • When you run the program, you will see the graphic below. You may need to select english from the language dropdown but the program is really easy to figure out, even in Italian!
  • Click on the application you want to download and you will be sent to the download site. Be sure to download the ISO
  • Put all the ISOs into the ISO folder in your SARDU folder. I only downloaded 5-6 tools that I will use, to keep the install small
  • Shut down SARDU and re-run it to prime the app. Now just click “Crea USB avviabile“.
  • You will need to select a FAT32 formatted USB stick and allow a few minutes for SARDU to do it’s magic

One thing I didnt like is that the WindowsPE only links to the tools to create the ISO’s. Best to bit torrent BARTPE but I am not sure if you can link the PE to the SARDU install. Let me know if you figure out a way.
I found this tool at a great (if not ad swamped) blog “”.

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